Kylador's Crackerjack Jayden CD, WC, FDCh, RN-MCL

HR Can Ch Foxgrove's Red Tag Special CD MH WCX AG.I. AADC CGC x Ch Kylador's Uniquely Murphee
DOB: June 9, 2001 - May 11, 2015

Where do you start with a dog like Jayden. He lived a great long life and in all of his years, there was no one who met him who didn’t love him instantly - myself included. He was “that guy.”

I was 24 when he entered my life as a spirited, fuzzy, independent and confident ball of fury who, I’m convinced, was put on this earth to teach me. He did it every day with grace and determination. It floors me to think of everything I’ve grown through with his constant presence.

He was my steady-Eddy. Completely unflappable in every situation I put him in. He always took everything in stride. I often joked that Jayden could start a new life out of any situation he got dropped into.

Jayden’s biggest strength and influence was his ability to teach. As a budding dog trainer, I had no idea how little I knew until Jayden entered my life. He set me straight with so many life lessons that I would never have gotten without him. He never let me rest on my laurels. He made me work and earn everything I got from him.

He was the most amazing demo dog and made fans in every class he helped me teach. I can’t count how many people asked to take him home over the years. Truly a spectacular ambassador for the breed and for dogs in general.

Jayden always kept me on my toes. He had a history of seizures that turned out to be a gluten intolerance. His stomach and digestive system were extremely sensitive and would be thrown off at the slightest change. When he was 11, he chewed off a piece of his tail necessitating a partial amputation after the wound went necrotic. He was completely deaf by 8 years of age. I got a tattoo of Jayden on my right wrist and despite having numerous tattoos with no issues, it developed an infection and was a nightmare to heal. Yes, Jayden was wonderful, but most things with him were hard. The true exception…. the one easy thing was loving him, and that I will never stop doing.

There will not be a day in my life where Jayden won’t be with me. That was the intention of the tattoo, but I feel his presence aside from it as I sit and write this. I feel him reminding me that nothing good ever came from feeling sorry for yourself. I know he is now and always will be with me - his spirit is strong. He had a great and long life, with a quick and painless death and for those things, I will always be grateful.

Jayden dying exactly 4 weeks after Tyler is a hard pill to swallow and I can’t help but feel it’s his last lesson for me. One last attempt to infuse me with strength, resolve and the knowledge that I can deal with whatever I encounter in life. Thank you for one last lesson, my sweet Cheeseburger….

One day, while watching him and feeling sorry for the day I would be without him, he gave me a lesson that I wrote down.
“I look at him and feel fear that I will someday be without him
He looks at me and is content that it doesn't matter
I ask him how it has come to be that so much time has passed
He replies, with all the wisdom he has amassed, by licking my nose
Thank you for the perspective Jayden…..”

Jayden, loving you was the easiest thing in the world and I’ll never, ever stop.

Jayden is the first Toller to live with us at JayTy Tollers. He has and always will be a very special part of my life! He introduced me to the world of Tollers and is the reason that I have gotten so involved in the breed.

Jayden has lived a well rounded life. The ideal companion, he's always with me. He introduced me to so many things including field work. He was the first dog I ever put a title on (his WC (Working Certificate)). He also earned his CD (Companion Dog) and his RN-MCL (Rally Novice - Magna Cum Laude) with the CARO organization. Jayden earned his first 3 Flyball titles (FD, FDX, FDCh) in two days of racing.

Jayden makes friends and gains admirers on a daily basis, and he has never met anyone (human or otherwise) that he didn't like. He truly has an ideal Toller temperament.

Jayden turns 12 this year and he has slowed down quite a bit. He's also now hard of hearing, but he still demands the attention of everyone around him with his charm.

Thanks to Lillian Greensides of Kylador Kennels for this super special, life changing boy!